Michael Kiyaga, CPA

Founder/ President/ Director on Board

Currently, Mr. Kiyaga is an auditor for the state of New Jersey, with private practices in NJ and MA. He is a member of the American Institute for Certified Public accountants and the New Jersey Society of CPA’s.  A Ugandan native, he came to the US as a young man for an education that he hoped to use in supporting his family in Africa. Graduating with a BA in Accounting from Stockton State University in Pamona, NJ, he went on to achieve a CPA license in NJ and practices both there and in MA.

Mr. Kiyaga founded the ministry in 2003, but as an incorporated, nonprofit organization in 2005. It has been his hearts’ desire to bring people to Uganda to see their plight firsthand and become involved in his effort to help there.   As Founder and Executive Director, he has traveled extensively throughout Eastern Africa, making frequent trips to the field bringing others and making them aware of the need for action.  He has built relationships with local pastors and gained their trust which enabled him to bring in mission teams, and establish schools and clinics. He continues in his leadership role today, still expanding the ministry to meet the needs of the children of Uganda.

Most recently, he has co-founded AIM (African Institute for Medical Education) who’s mission is a natural extension of Tower of Hope in that it is dedicated to raising the quality of health care by providing accessible accredited continuing education for medical professionals, as well as their patients.